Chicago Area Lakes Turn Up Dead Fish

Two Chicago area ponds have experienced hundreds of dead fish in the past few days.  Residents and wildlife officials can only speculate as to what may have caused this to happen.

The first fish kill was reported Friday in Garfield Park Lagoon, where fishermen were upset by the stench left by hundreds of fish corpses — including two huge Asian carp.

The second kill happened in the Westlake Park area near Bloomingdale, Illinois.  Residents and officials are baffled and don’t know where to start to described what may have happened.

“Dead fish were all over, in the lake and along the shores line,” one man said. “I’ve never seen anything like it.”

Illinois wildlife officials suspect the recent cold rains may have stirred up oxygen-poor water in the Garfield Park lagoon, killing scores of fish that had been recently stocked.   So far, there’s been no explanation for the similar incident in Bloomingdale.

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